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Our Story

Have you ever been to a salon and felt rushed? Have you walked into a salon and felt so intimidated and self conscious you just want to get out? Have you ever been to a salon and not completed a consultation form? Have you been in a salon and seen Amazon or eBay products on the shelves??

Here at Nailed in Essex, we are changing the salon experience to be safer, more relaxed and more comfortable. We carry out a full consultation before any treatments to ensure you are safe at all times. All appointments are on a 1-1 basis, so you don’t need to feel anxious, self conscious or judged by others. The salon is calm and clean, so you feel relaxed and can enjoy your treatment. Appointments are available until 10pm, meaning you’re not wasting your day off chasing into town. Online booking is available to make life a bit easier and we have free parking at the door! We use premium grade, professional products which are vegan friendly, cruelty free, tested by chemists and are safe for use. Read more

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