Give your hands and nails some TLC with one of our manicures! We use brands which are vegan friendly, cruelty free and made in the EU/UK. You have the option of gel polish, gel overlay or acrylic overlay finish. You can add on a scrub and massage to make your hands feel brand new!

Gel Polish Manicure… £35.00

Builder Gel Overlay… £30.00

Builder Gel Overlay with French Finish or Nail art… £35.00

Acrylic Overlay Plain… £43.00

Acrylic Overlay Design… £49.00

Add Scrub & Massage… £5.00

Gel Polish

Gel polish cannot be infilled and needs to be removed safely prior to reapplication. We don’t charge for removal of our work prior to reapplication but we do charge if we are removing work from another salon.

Gel Polish Removal NOT our work… £5.00

Gel Polish Removal and mini mani (no reapplication)… £15.00

We also sell gel polish removal kits. This is for you to use at home if you feel you are able to remove it yourself. Full equipment and instructions are provided. Please contact us to purchase this.

Acrylic Overlay Plain

Gel & acrylic will need to be infilled as your nails grow. We recommend every 2-3 weeks. You can have an infill Using the same colour or a complete fresh colour/design.

Builder Gel Infill… £25.00

Builder Gel Infill + French finish or Art… £30.00

Acrylic Infill Same Colour… £35.00

Acrylic Infill New Plain Colour… £45.00

Acrylic Redesign… £55.00

Add Scrub & Massage… £5.00

Acrylic Design Overlay


Acrylic Design Overlay

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