Acrylic is the most versatile nail product available. You can extend, add strength, add colour, encapsulate just about anything and it doesn’t damage your nails. Acrylic is our most popular service, particularly design sets. This includes marbling, ombre, french, colour blocking, glitter and much more. We use coloured acrylic as it gives a much nicer finish than gel polish and keeps that crisp shape, it also doesn’t chip, meaning you get perfect nails until you decide to change them!!


Acrylic is applied to the natural nails without adding any length. This is ideal for hard working hands and weaker nails. Choose from hundreds of colours and glitters!

Overlay One Colour… £33.00

Overlay Design… £37.00

Densign Overlay £37.00


Acrylic extensions add length and colour to your nails. The possibilities are really endless when it comes to acrylic! We have hundreds of colours, glitters and shapes to choose from, you may opt for one colour or ten. There is something for everyone.

*Please note that we only use safe products, no MMA acrylic is used and all products are made in the EU or UK. We create your nails by sculpting your perfect shape and adding your design so please allow 2+ hours for design sets.

Acrylic Extensions Plain Colours... £37.00

Acrylic Extensions Design (Ombre, marbling, colour blocking, glitter, shapes)… £43.00

Acrylic Extensions French Finish… £43.00

Acrylic Extensions one colour £37.00
Design Extensions £43.00


Acrylic needs to be maintained by a professional. As your nails grow, you will need the new growth area infilled with new acrylic. It is recommended to have maintenance every 2-3 weeks. Going too long between appointments can cause imbalance and weakness to the enhancement. You can have the same colour applied or the whole design removed and a brand new design applied!

2 week Infill… £35.00

3+ week infill /redesign… £43.00

Removal & mini manicure… £10.00

Design Set plus 3d Acrylic Nail Art & Simple Crystals £50.00


Why not add some nail art;

3d Acrylic on two nails (Flowers, bows)… £5.00

Freehand Nail Art on up to 4 nails (Swirls, lines, butterflies etc)… £5.00

Freehand Nail Art on all nails… £10.00

Simple Crystals (Two glitter cuffs or one crystal per nail)… £2.00

Crystal Design (Two crystal design nails)… £5.00

Design Set with Freehand Nail Art £53.00

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