Our Story

From a young age I have been obsessed with all things beauty, but in particular, I loved nails. I loved how they looked and whenever my mum went food shopping, I would stand for ages looking at the press on nails desperate for her to buy me some.

As I got older, I would get my nails done whenever I could and I visited various salons over the years. I felt so confident once they were done, but I always felt very self concious in nail bars, and even more so in beauty salons. I also found it difficult to get into town, busy traffic, parking, and lack of appointment flexibility to fit around being a busy working mum. I thought “there must be another way” so with a lifelong passion for nails, I decided to launch Nailed in Essex; a home based nail salon for women like me who need flexible appointments, easy & free parking with a 1-1 service.

Life is stressful enough, so having that ‘me time’ without the Saturday rat-race and queuing in busy nail bars is such a relief! No need to get dressed up, you can stay in your comfies and slippers if you wish! We love making getting your nails done fun and convienient, so we offer appointments right up until 10pm, so you can pop in after work to get that much needed pedicure before your holiday!

We have hundreds of colours and glitters for you to choose from and the design options are endless, so there really is something for everyone! Our salon is rated 5* by our clients and we won Best Emerging Nail Salon – Essex for the 2021 UK Enterprise Awards!! We have also been shortlisted for the Hair & Beauty Awards 2022!

We look forward to meeting you!


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