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Have you ever been to a salon and felt rushed? Have you walked into a salon and felt so intimidated and self conscious you just want to get out?Have you ever been to a salon and not completed a consultation form? Have you been in a salon and seen Amazon or eBay products on the shelves?

Of all the salons I have been to over the years, I have always felt rushed, an inconvenience, anxious, self conscious and judged at one time or another. What’s more, I have NEVER been asked to complete a consultation form! They’ve known nothing about my medical history, medication etc. Looking back, I realise how unsafe and unprofessional that is! Not to mention their insurance is completely void!!

Here at Nailed in Essex, we are changing the salon experience to be safer, more relaxed and more comfortable. We carry out a full consultation before any treatments to ensure you are safe at all times. All appointments are on a 1-1 basis, so you don’t need to feel anxious, self conscious or judged by others. The salon is calm and clean, so you feel relaxed and can enjoy your treatment. Appointments are available until 10pm, meaning you’re not wasting your day off chasing into town. Online booking is available to make life a bit easier and we have free parking at the door! We use premium grade, professional products which are vegan friendly, cruelty free and are tested by chemists making them safe for use. We also pride ourselves on our exceptional hygeine. All metal equipment is cleaned using medical grade cleanser and sterilised in a dry heat steriliser, it is then sealed in individual packets. All files are new for each client and thrown at the end of each appointment. Hand sanitiser is available, furniture is cleaned between appointments as are floors, door handles, table and UV lamp so you can relax in the knowledge that there is no cross contamination from equipment.


I’m Lianne and I am the founder and owner of Nailed in Essex. From a young age I have been obsessed with nails! I remember admiring women who had their nails nice, hair done and makeup on. They just look like a boss who have got their shit together!

My path didn’t immediately start off with beauty, I qualified as a hairdresser when I left school but I didn’t enjoy it. I then had my two daughters and was fortunate to be able to stay home with them until they started school. I then went on to university to study nursing and met my husband just after graduating. I had two more children (2 boys) and work as a registered nurse.

Something always niggled away at me regretting not getting my beauty qualifications. So while I was on maternity leave with my boys, I thought it was the perfect time to start learning what I have always wanted to do. Nails and beauty!! I have qualified in waxing, intimate waxing, lash lift and tint, gel polish, manicure, pedicure, efile, and nail extensions.

In 2020, I opened up my home based salon from a cabin in my garden. I absolutely love having my own space to work from and clients are loving it too.

If you want to join all the other women in Colchester already using my 5☆ rated salon, you can do with a FREE gift of £5.00 from me! You can use your voucher towards any treatment, just click the link below to grab yours.

See you soon,

Lianne x

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